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I know - the nights are beginning to brighten and the beer gardens are calling your name on repeat but should you find yourself at home of an evening these latest offerings from Netflix are well worth a look. And if you can't bear to stay indoors go mobile and watch them on your way to something altogether more social.

First up is Russian Doll - the latest comedic offering from Amy Poehler, who partners with Leslye Headland and the series' star Natasha Lyonne to bring audiences a sassy, highly stylised reinterpretation of 80's classic Groundhog Day. Lyonne plays potty-mouthed birthday girl Nadia who we meet at her achingly hip 36th birthday party. The only problem is, Nadia faces inescapable death at the party and is forced to relive the experience on repeat as she attempts to figure out why the universe has it in for her. Beautifully shot, with a killer soundtrack and a set design to (literally) die for, the series is fast-paced, fun and a brilliant watch.

Riding the wave of popularity is the nonagenarian who can do no wrong: Sir David Attenborough. His latest offering, Our Planet, is a love letter to the natural world - and a heartfelt plea to governments and individuals to do their bit to save it before it's too late. This is the first natural history series Netflix has backed and it has been a roaring success. Stunning cinematography filmed in ultra high definition 50 of the planet's most inaccessible places and yet Attenborough's powerful message is clear: if we don't change our ways and treat the planet with the respect she deserves, future generations will only know the natural world through the myths it leaves behind. Poignant with an overtone of urgency not previously seen in Attenborough's work - a must watch.

Soul sisters Grace & Frankie, played by Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, are back for a riotous 5th series of their hit comedy and show no signs of slowing down with a 6th series pending for 2020. The gal pals have come a long way since the first season, when they were left shell-shocked as their husbands announced over dinner that they weren't retiring, but were divorcing their wives in order to marry each other. Cue a bucket load of martinis, hilarious ups, downs and all arounds as the former spouses adjust to their new lives while still maintaining contact with one another. Partnering with Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston, the duo prove that you're never too old to start again, even launching their own range of sex toys for ladies of a certain age. With guest appearances from RuPaul and Nicole Ritchie this latest series will have you laughing til your belly aches.

FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened is schadenfreude at its finest; the sort of programme where you feel bad for the people who were duped but at the same time, as one of the contributors says in the film: "If you had thousands of dollars to go on a trip to see Blink 182 that is on you. That is Darwinism at its finest." FYRE is the mindbogglingly true story of the fanciest music festival that never was, as RnB royalty, Ja Rule and his business partner Billy McFarland seemingly swindled a load of wannabe insta-celebs out of thousands of dollars by pitching a dream festival they couldn't afford to turn into a reality. This is the extraordinary tale of how a luxury island destination descended into Lord of the Flies in under 140 characters. In a bizarre twist of fate, the film features behind the scenes archive footage the Fyre fest organisers themselves commissioned to hype up the event so you can watch it all fall apart in what would have been real time. Absolutely gripping.

I'd love to know what your must-sees have been lately. Feel free to share your recommendations in the comments below.

Until next time, keep wondering,


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