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Sunday nights are for spoiling yourself and what better way than to raid your cupboards for a little pamper session. These are some of my favourite beauty fixes and they can be whipped up from whatever you have in your pantry, or garden. Each recipe takes mere minutes to make but feels really indulgent to apply. Enjoy!

Rose Eye Cooler

Fill a cup with boiling water and add 3 - 4 rose petals from your garden, if you have one. If not, Lidl have lots of roses for around £2 if you fancy treating yourself. Leave the cup to cool for around ten minutes, drain out the petals and soak two cotton or reusable rounds in the water. Place on your eyes for a refreshing cooler.

Coffee and Cocoa Sugar Scrub

In a bowl combine white and brown sugar with ground coffee, cocoa, a pinch of cinnamon, vanilla extract and olive oil. Adjust the quantities as preferred and stir together until the mixture sticks together but there's no liquid remaining. This is a great hand and body scrub - the olive oil is really moisturising and the caffeine and cinnamon is supposed to stimulate circulation. Just be careful to clean your shower thoroughly after use - the olive oil can make the shower quite slippery. Keep this in an airtight jar for up to around a month.

Exfoliating Honey Face Mask

Add boiling water to 2/3 of a cup of oats and leave to soak for 5 minutes until the water is absorbed and forms a paste. In the meantime, add half a cored apple (peel left on), 40g plain yogurt, 2 tbsp honey and an egg white to a blender and combine well. Add the porridge oats and blend together for around 20 seconds. Apply to face and neck with fingertips and relax for 15 minutes before rinsing off.

Strawberry Salt Foot Scrub

Mash up around 5 strawberries and add to a cup of coarse salt and around 30ml olive oil. You can add Himalayan Pink Salt if you're feeling fancy. Mix together and rub gently over wet feet. Rinse and pat dry before adding a light layer of whatever moisturiser you have to hand. Again, be careful with the olive oil in the bath or shower.

Now you're feeling suitably spoiled you're ready for whatever the week ahead has in store! See you next Sunday.

Keep wondering,


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