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Updated: Jul 14, 2019

Welcome indeed! I'm Laura - a travel mad, nature-nut living and working in London. During the week the majority of my time is not my own so my evenings and weekends are precious.

Weekend Wonderlust is a way for me to make the most of my free time. It's a chance for me to distill my passion for travel - that yearning to explore; to get to know new faces and places - and extend it to other areas of my life - hence 'wonder' not 'wander'.

I want Weekend Wonderlust to be a space for you to find inspiration and nurture your creativity: something to round off the weekend that's been and give us both something to look forward to until the next one, whether that's a new place to visit, a delicious recipe to try or a brilliant book to read.

Here you can expect to find posts about travel, sustainability, making your money stretch that little bit further, creative challenges and things that will, hopefully, help ensure your precious time is well spent.

I post once a week, on Sunday evenings, UK time. You stick the kettle on and I'll get the good biscuits out.

Keep wondering,


P.S. If you'd like to get in touch say hello on Twitter or Instagram, or drop me a line at

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